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Friday, 23 July 2010

Tired...but can't wait for the next festival....

I have no idea what this blog will read like....I'm lying on my bed writing this trying to stay awake....its been a busy week....

Thursday last week myself and Lottie travelled down to the Latitude Festival and we were there all the way until the Sunday.  Never having been to a festival before I had a great four least I think it was four felt more like one!!!  I doubt we even saw an 1/8th of what was on over the weekend there was so much to save this being a huge blog I will just mention a few highlights....strangely the best things were mostly the stuff we hadn't planned to start with Rox.  After a quick visit to the ever so lovely and fresh smelling toilets we wondered into the.....

The amazing Rox!

Okay, that was as far as I got on Thursday night writing this blog....the next thing i knew it was 5.00am and I was waking up fully dressed still on my bed...guess the trying to stay awake didn't work so well!!  So where was I...oh we wondered into see Rox in the Word Arena who I had never heard of and was blown away by her voice...everyone should check her out and buy the album (I've listened to it 4 times so far!).  Other highlights include Florence and the Machine, Tom Jones (yeah I know he only played his new stuff but it was great...even without Sex Bomb!), Rodrigo y Gabriela were also wouldnt think two people with two guitars could sound so good.

Apart from the music we saw a few shows in the theatre tent...above all the shows we saw the highlight by a long way was Les Enfants Terribles new show The Vaudevillains a genius musical murder mystery.  I think they are up at the Edinburgh Fringe this year so if you get chance check them out.  Unfortunately we couldnt get into see the RSC which was gutting.  Although I was able to see an interview with Sir Peter Hall.  What a legend.

Hopefully that didnt bore you too much!!  Anyway aftet all of Latitude I spent the next two days rehearsing for Meurtre, Mystère et Mutilation.  The Wednesday was spent filming again with Danny for Darksiders.  So as you can tell I have hardly had chance to breathe let alone sleep....not that I'm complaining, I love being busy...nothing worse than twiddling your thumbs doing nothing!

No this isn't an illution, its actually real and the image looked like that in real life...amazing what you can do with a wall of water and a projector!

Well tomorrow I'm off for a meeting about a new short film I have been asked to be in...more details to sounds very intereesting though....

Hope you all had a great week....drop me a line if you are bored!

David Blood

Twitter: @davidbloodactor

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