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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Manic times!!!

Okay so this is post its been a very busy couple of weeks and i just haven't had a second to breathe let alone sit down to write the blog......will try harder in the future!!!  Mind you being ill for a couple of days didn't help things....oh well much better now!

I have been out and about with various groups (I think it ended up being 4 in the end) of students from the NUCA filming their last projects of their second year....this leave them only one major film for their very last year....and good luck to them all!!!  I have to say my highlight was spending the day running round a forest in Kings Lynn under the direction of Matthew Raven in what can only be described as a very surreal film with not a single word of dialog and probably rather worryingly only me in it!!!....I loved the script and for once I'm actually really looking forward to seeing a film with myself in it!! (normally I run a mile when anyone suggests watching something I'm in!!  I guess that's the joy of the theatre...there is absolutely no way I can watch myself!)  Hopefully the finished works will be put on you tube so I can link them all into a future blog....if you are bored enough to want to watch them!

Also last weekend I filmed a trailer for a film by Dr Sarcastic Pictures under the direction of Daniel Cotton.  Follow Dr Sarcastic Productions on Facebook to keep up to date with the project....I believe Daniel will be posting photos from the shoot very soon.  Dr Sarcastic Pictures

So if that wasn't enough to do already I have also been out to the theatre a couple of times over the last couple of weeks, firstly the see The Caretaker and the Norwich Playhouse and then only yesterday I went to see The 39 Steps in the Criterion Theatre in London's West End.  I have to say that truly was a masterclass of comedy, a brilliant 4 hander with not a week link, dropped line, botched queue in sight, truly outstanding....a recommendation to all!

Also in other news.....I have just started rehearsing for MEUTRE, MYSTÈRE ET MUTILATION a play by Alan Huckle that will be premiered at the Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich between 20-24th September before being taken on tour during the rest of September and October....once the full tour has been worked out I'll let you know the dates and case you happen to be in the area!

And apart from having to work to earn some money that's pretty much everything covered for the last couple of weeks!

Catch you all soon....feel free to add any comments...

Friday, 7 May 2010

In the beginning....

Okay so this is a blog......apparently.....not that I have the faintest idea what to do or say in this.  So I guess I will start with some random rubbish about me.....sorry about that!

So I have been messing around on stage and film for the last 20 odd years and have always wanted to be a professional actor on stage, TV and film. (I'm not fussy!)  Having the sensible family that I have (this isn't a complaint...I love my family!) they always thought that I was a lot better off getting a 'proper job' so at the age of 17 I joined the Royal Navy as a weapons engineer...5 years later (pretty much hating every minute of my short career!) I managed to get out of the Navy.  Even during my time in the Navy I still wanted to act and after several years of performing down in Portsmouth my passion never disappeared and in fact got stronger and stronger with every show that i did.  I then moved up to Norwich (its cheaper than London don't you know!) again for a 'proper job'.  Luckily up in Norwich I managed to get involved with the Maddermarket Theatre and met an amazing bunch of people.  While performing there for almost 3 years the passion has got so strong there is no longer an excuse to ignore it anymore.  So while still working full time I spend my evenings and weekend trying to pursue my dream while selling coffee (more on both of those another time).

Well I guess that very (very) briefly explains what / who I am trying to become and really this blog will I'm sure end up almost being a diary of my triumphs (hopefully!) and falls (more than likely!).  So if you want to laugh at my failures or fancy coming along for the ride then follow my blog!  Feel free to have a look at my website and add any random insults or comments to my blog.