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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Don't panic, I'm still here.....

Blimey what a manic three weeks that was!!!  At least I think it was only three weeks....felt more like three months...I will have to go through my calender to even remember what I have been up to....three weeks (why do i keep writing three...3...that's better!) is a long while with a lack of sleep....

So where to begin....3 weeks ago I guess!  Well I have had rehearsals 3 nights a week for Meutre Mystere et Mutilation.  Two hander plays always sound like a good idea until the rehearsals start and you suddenly remember that you don't get chance to breathe when rehearsing, let alone once the performances start...not that I'm complaining you understand, I'm having a great time!  Make sure you check out the website and come along to one of the shows... it would be great to see you!

Well for those of you that follow me on twitter @davidbloodactor (if you don't feel free to follow me along with Philip Schofield and Keith Chegwin...yeah I know I couldn't believe it either..Keith Chegwin following me!!!!)....anyway, if you do follow me you will already know that the filming of The Smoker & Jo was postponed due to the dreadful weather on the day of the shoot.  Considering the script says, warm sunny summers day and Jo is wearing a summer dress we didn't have much choice!  We did consider filming it under the lean-too at the back of the building but under there is sounded like an army of drummers banging on your head.  We to console myself I decided it was about time I sorted out the lack of camera situation and my poor sound system in the house.  Off I popped to Curry's or Comet (other electrical outlets available!!) or whatever the shop is called and after a serious amount of bartering I managed to get a decent discount and free camera case....  So far I have remembered to take the camera with me once to a rehearsal and managed to get some photos from that which are now on the website ( and that's about it...i either forget to take it with me or as the case is now, leave it the car door of my friends car...genius!  Think I may well have to tie it to my belt!

Right what was next....apart from more rehearsals....oh yeah I had two days of filming with Danny Cotton of Dr Sarcastic Pictures for The Darksiders....well starting at 6am on the Saturday and then 5am on the Sunday was a bit of a killer.....especially as my very good friend Barnaby Matley's stag night was on the Saturday night.  Apologies to Barney as he has no knowledge of my presence as by the time I got there he was....erm...well completely blotto!  I have some rather embarrassing photos and videos of him I may well put on here if he upsets me!!! :-)  Oh and to top of the evening, another friend's, who was at the party, car decided to give up the ghost on the way being the kind person I am I agreed to drop him home after the stag do....mind you we did leave I eventually got home at around 12.30...hmmm 4 1/2 hours!!!  so as you can imagine after the second days filming...which finished around 10.30 at night (I think)....I got home and collapsed.....

Slips, Trips and of the biggest hazards in the workplace!
After was back to more rehearsals and line learning!  If anyone happens to know of any really easy way to learn lines please let me know....some kind of Matrix implant would be ideal!!  Well, that's it.... that's my life for the last 3 weeks....oh hang on, sorry, forgot one thing.  Last Thursday it was Kris Smith's birthday....he has survived long enough to make it to the grand old age of 21!!!  Having missed going to uni it was funny to join in with some drinking games.....ring of fire anyone?!?!?

Poor OLD Kris in the grey jacket!
(sorry I know not everyone is in it...I don't have any others.....unless you do?!?!?
Right well that's all for now...hopefully filming The Smoker & Jo this weekend if the weather is good....or even just dry would be nice!!!  And looks like I'll be heading out to the cinema to finally see Inception.....tres excitement!!!

See you all later!

David Blood

Twitter: @davidbloodactor

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  1. Pfewww panic over! I thought you'd fallen off the face of the earth! Oh wait a minute, you're sitting in the desk opposite me ha ha boom boom