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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Long time no speak........

So when I sat down to write this blog I had no idea how long it had been since I last wrote anything.....over 3 weeks....blimey how time flies.....lots have happened...I think...I just need to remember what so I can write it down!  It seems today is the day of the Germans after loosing out to them in both the F1 and the football....although does this now mean the car flags will vanish again???

So firstly and probably the biggest thing was moving house.....well when I say house I mean more room....only renting in house shares certainly limits the amount of stuff you have to take, but for some unknown reason it still took a couple of nights and one whole day.....but then again it didn't exactly go according to plan.  Well without going into reasons why, there was a very late change in the location.....i.e. I was going to get the keys...then...oh no not going to be having them.....  This is around 9.30pm at night so I ended up finding a house just 4 doors down the road and arranging a viewing at 7.30am the next day....such fun....I was moving in by 9am the same day!!  Well thankfully its all sorted now and should hopefully work out better.....

Rehearsals had been going well for Meurtre, Mystère et Mutilation by Alan Huckle.  Until......luckily for him Peter was asked very last minute (due to the original casting having to leave because of ill-health) appear in Eastern Angles next production, Bentwater Roads.  Good luck to him....having the first rehearsal last Wednesday and the show opening this Thursday...that's not a lot of time for what I gather a large amount of action.  After talking to him about the venue etc it sounds like a very exciting sure to check it out....I will be this Thursday.

So anyway rehearsals for Meurtre, Mystère et Mutilation have been put on hold for 4 weeks...good job the show isn't on till September...but that does mean when we do restart we will be intensely!!!  The poster is underway with the design being finalised over the next couple of weeks along with full confirmation of all the I'll keep you updated on the progress.

Well what else....of yes Headless Teddy Coffee have been out and about again.  With the Eye Open Gardens, Debenham Street fair and just yesterday the Bury St Edmunds Armed Forces Antique Market we have been busy busy busy...  Especially yesterday as I was running the cart on my own....hard work....  Catch us next at the Barford Festival on the 10th July and the Norwich Lanes Carnival on the 11th July.  Come over and say hello!

I think that is pretty much everything......feel free to share this blog with the links at the bottom....

David Blood

Friday, 4 June 2010

And counting......

Well blog number goes.....(don't worry I'll stop counting before long!)

So its been another couple of weeks since the last blog I wrote in comparison to the last one its been relatively quiet!  Well sort of.

The Headless Teddy Coffee cart was out last weekend at Helmingham Hall for the plant heritage what turned out to be a very busy and sunny day for us!  Particularly helped by the on site cafe's coffee machine blowing up half way though the day due to the demand...great news i hear you say!?  Well yes obviously, although I was in a constant battle with the coffee machine to ensure we had enough steam pressure to create the lovely foam for the cappuccinos.  No coffee on this weekend....but this is my one and only weekend away from the coffee for a few make the most of it.....probably end up doing chores and other equally dull jobs that have been put on hold for a while!

I believe the students I filmed with the other week all get their results through good luck to them all.  I'll put any links up for any of the finished films if they end up on you tube....

I am in the process of creating a monthly newsletter type thing, which will include updates / photos on all projects I am involved in, film / theatre reviews, and anything else that you might want me to cover....eventually i would like to include interviews from other actors in the area and further afield.  If this sounds like you bag and would like to sign up please go HERE!  I want to make it as much for you as anything else.

The tour dates and venues are slowly coming together for MEUTRE, MYSTÈRE ET MUTILATION and I'll hopefully be able to let you know the full schedule once it is is even going to include a trip to Portsmouth for two nights in a new venue owned by Groundlings Theatre - The Old Benny.

Anyway, that is all for now.  Speak to you soon.