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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wow! It's been one hell of a long time!

A friend asked me the other week if I had done my blog recently, no I replied, which was the truth.....turns out it was well over  a year ago the last time I made a post on here! Blimey how time flies when you are having fun!

So I could go on rambling about what I have done for the last year, but frankly if I did that this blog could go on for days and probably better that I don't.  Instead I'll just mention a few random things that happened.

First of which, after years of going on about how much I wanted to mess around taking photos I finally bought a DSLR (it's a Canon EOS 60D for any technology geeks out there...I'm including myself in that statement!).  Now I just need to learn how to use the darn thing!  So far here are a couple that I like....

They're not the best photos in the world I agree, but hey its early days!

I think I must have stood on his toe!
What else, oh yes, there was another Sig and Serv play....'Sig and Serv's Story Book' in which 'Sig and Serv, two crazy Frenchmen, bring you a twisted version of Sleeping Beauty.  Forget Disney, these two clearly have no understanding of the ways of the traditional fairytale.  With drunken fairies, Geordie country bumpkins and a withered old man with a knobkerrie.  Chaos ensues as Sig and Serv take you on a cock-and-bull journey you will never forget.' (thanks to the Headless Teddy website for that one!)  Following on from that we have been asked to put together a 3rd this rate we will be going on longer that 'Last of the Summer Wine'....not that I am trying to make a comparison here...just that it was the longest running situational comedy.  So starting on the 31st January myself and Peter Sowerbutts will be taking to the rehearsal room with dodgy accents a plenty in 'Sig and Serv's Sat One For Me'.....there is even a mexican accent this I look mexican?! I ask you!?!  I will let you all know the website is up and running with the details of the performances so you can all rush out and buy your careful and no running!

Now if I can just reach the treasure we can all escape and go on a lovely cruise...well maybe not a cruise but a lovely holiday anyway!

We don't normally look this confused.....honest!

I have also done various filming work through the year...though one of the scariest days was for Bloody Cuts' 'Prey'.....for a start they were filming on a red epic camera....which to be honest scared the hell out of me....its never good when you can see ever single pore on your face on screen! (well it might be for those that watch it....but try seeing yourself like that!  I'm also pretty sure thats the same camera they are shooting 'The Hobbit' on and was used in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films!! )  Even though it is somewhat scary the film looks stunning because of can check it out below (to watch on full screen HD 1080 if your connection can cope the go HERE - definitely the recommended way to watch it!).

Before I disappear if you are in the Birmingham area and have small ones (I think generally they are referred to as children) then make sure you check out The Birmingham Stage Company's production of 'The Jungle Book' thats just about to enter it's last week at the Birmingham Old Rep.  They have had some great review which can be found HERE and having seen the show it's definitely something that all families will love.  Check it out before its too late!!! (and no they didn't pay me to say any of that....though maybe I should contact them and suggest that they do!)

Ah yes, there was one last thing, yesterday (21st January) I spent the day at Surviving Actors in London, from what I can gather a great day was had by all (again including myself in that statement!).  Managed to learn quite a few new things and got to meet Richard Evans (casting director) who's book is now on order.  Also a great place to meat new actors and to network in a non pressurised environment! Definitely sign up for their next event if you are an actor / dancer or singer reading this!

Well that's really all I have to say for now.....I'll be back soon!  This time I mean it! :)

Feel free to abuse / comment as you like.

David Blood

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