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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

All over...

Well thats it, the tour has finished....thank you to everyone that came to see Meutre, Mystere et Mutilation, we had some amazing feedback.  Which just to blow my own trumpet for a short while included (taken from a review by Paul Monkhouse):

"The performance is driven along by two highly accomplished thespians in Peter Sowerbutts and David Blood. Both superb in their roles and wringing every last drop of humour from the script, they inhabit their main characters and all the others they portray with deftness."

Sig & Serv

"All in all it was an evening that saw the perfect marriage of terrific performances matched with a very clever and witty script that was full of twists. As to who murdered whom and why, well, to tell you would to ruin the surprise so I would highly recommend that you go to see it."

Also after performing at The Maddermarket Theatre for a week we were asked if we would consider coming back again in the new year doing another show, the same characters but with a different story.  So.....first (ish) to break the news, we will be performing 'Sig and Serv's Story Book' at The Maddermarket Theatre in February which will then be followed by another short tour.  I will let you all know what the dates are when they are all confirmed.  Not that the play exists at the minute you understand, Alan Huckle is working his little cotton socks of at the minute trying to write it for us!

On the thought of Alan Huckle, (he will hate me for this!!) it was his 70th birthday last Saturday and I had the great privelage of being invited along and performing at his party.  I would love to show you lots of hilarious drunk photos of Alan, however, after taking my camera with me I completely forgot to take any photos!!  It was however a brilliant night, one which I think everyone (especially Alan) enjoyed themselves!  Well done also to Lee for organising it!

Alan Huckle (left) with Peter Sowerbutts...I think the photo was a surprise!!!
What else, oh yes my uncle has finally acomplished his dream and is now a (VERY) proud owner of a narrowboat.  Anyone in the midlands watch out for him he is bound to be speeding round the county very soon.  (if its possible to speed in a narrow boat!?!?)  Cheap holidays for me I reckon!  Or as my Aunty suggested, naughty weekends, yeah right fat chance! ;-)

Reproduced from a c.1870s photographer frontis...Image via Wikipedia
Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim 
As I sit here writing this I am eagerly waiting for the script of A Christmas Carol to be delivered.  Forget panto this year, instead I'll be appearing in Portsmouth at the Groundlings Theatre all through December as Bob Cratchit and Marley's Ghost.  I have to admit after agreeing to do the job I was a little shocked to find out it was a musical....anyone that has heard my singing voice will probably also be shocked!! (that's a joke, apparently my voice is actually quite good....yeah right....more work need I reckon!!)  Anyway, press day tomorrow (4th!) so a 'short' train ride down to Portsmouth and back tomorrow is in-store....anyone who has done that trip will know it is anything but short....ho hummm....I'm sure it will be a fun day anyway, albeit a very early start!

I'm sure I have lots more to tell you as its been ages since the last blog, but, to be honest I cant remember what.... probably wasn't very interesting anyway...not that most of this is, but there you go! :-)  I will try to get some photos from tomorrow for the next blog...if I'm lucky!  And remember to take some!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ooooh can't wait to hear you sing!! Don't suppose you're doing a rendition of Bonnie Tyler's "I need a Hero" like Alastair then??? he he xx