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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wow! It's been one hell of a long time!

A friend asked me the other week if I had done my blog recently, no I replied, which was the truth.....turns out it was well over  a year ago the last time I made a post on here! Blimey how time flies when you are having fun!

So I could go on rambling about what I have done for the last year, but frankly if I did that this blog could go on for days and probably better that I don't.  Instead I'll just mention a few random things that happened.

First of which, after years of going on about how much I wanted to mess around taking photos I finally bought a DSLR (it's a Canon EOS 60D for any technology geeks out there...I'm including myself in that statement!).  Now I just need to learn how to use the darn thing!  So far here are a couple that I like....

They're not the best photos in the world I agree, but hey its early days!

I think I must have stood on his toe!
What else, oh yes, there was another Sig and Serv play....'Sig and Serv's Story Book' in which 'Sig and Serv, two crazy Frenchmen, bring you a twisted version of Sleeping Beauty.  Forget Disney, these two clearly have no understanding of the ways of the traditional fairytale.  With drunken fairies, Geordie country bumpkins and a withered old man with a knobkerrie.  Chaos ensues as Sig and Serv take you on a cock-and-bull journey you will never forget.' (thanks to the Headless Teddy website for that one!)  Following on from that we have been asked to put together a 3rd this rate we will be going on longer that 'Last of the Summer Wine'....not that I am trying to make a comparison here...just that it was the longest running situational comedy.  So starting on the 31st January myself and Peter Sowerbutts will be taking to the rehearsal room with dodgy accents a plenty in 'Sig and Serv's Sat One For Me'.....there is even a mexican accent this I look mexican?! I ask you!?!  I will let you all know the website is up and running with the details of the performances so you can all rush out and buy your careful and no running!

Now if I can just reach the treasure we can all escape and go on a lovely cruise...well maybe not a cruise but a lovely holiday anyway!

We don't normally look this confused.....honest!

I have also done various filming work through the year...though one of the scariest days was for Bloody Cuts' 'Prey'.....for a start they were filming on a red epic camera....which to be honest scared the hell out of me....its never good when you can see ever single pore on your face on screen! (well it might be for those that watch it....but try seeing yourself like that!  I'm also pretty sure thats the same camera they are shooting 'The Hobbit' on and was used in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films!! )  Even though it is somewhat scary the film looks stunning because of can check it out below (to watch on full screen HD 1080 if your connection can cope the go HERE - definitely the recommended way to watch it!).

Before I disappear if you are in the Birmingham area and have small ones (I think generally they are referred to as children) then make sure you check out The Birmingham Stage Company's production of 'The Jungle Book' thats just about to enter it's last week at the Birmingham Old Rep.  They have had some great review which can be found HERE and having seen the show it's definitely something that all families will love.  Check it out before its too late!!! (and no they didn't pay me to say any of that....though maybe I should contact them and suggest that they do!)

Ah yes, there was one last thing, yesterday (21st January) I spent the day at Surviving Actors in London, from what I can gather a great day was had by all (again including myself in that statement!).  Managed to learn quite a few new things and got to meet Richard Evans (casting director) who's book is now on order.  Also a great place to meat new actors and to network in a non pressurised environment! Definitely sign up for their next event if you are an actor / dancer or singer reading this!

Well that's really all I have to say for now.....I'll be back soon!  This time I mean it! :)

Feel free to abuse / comment as you like.

David Blood

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

All over...

Well thats it, the tour has finished....thank you to everyone that came to see Meutre, Mystere et Mutilation, we had some amazing feedback.  Which just to blow my own trumpet for a short while included (taken from a review by Paul Monkhouse):

"The performance is driven along by two highly accomplished thespians in Peter Sowerbutts and David Blood. Both superb in their roles and wringing every last drop of humour from the script, they inhabit their main characters and all the others they portray with deftness."

Sig & Serv

"All in all it was an evening that saw the perfect marriage of terrific performances matched with a very clever and witty script that was full of twists. As to who murdered whom and why, well, to tell you would to ruin the surprise so I would highly recommend that you go to see it."

Also after performing at The Maddermarket Theatre for a week we were asked if we would consider coming back again in the new year doing another show, the same characters but with a different story.  So.....first (ish) to break the news, we will be performing 'Sig and Serv's Story Book' at The Maddermarket Theatre in February which will then be followed by another short tour.  I will let you all know what the dates are when they are all confirmed.  Not that the play exists at the minute you understand, Alan Huckle is working his little cotton socks of at the minute trying to write it for us!

On the thought of Alan Huckle, (he will hate me for this!!) it was his 70th birthday last Saturday and I had the great privelage of being invited along and performing at his party.  I would love to show you lots of hilarious drunk photos of Alan, however, after taking my camera with me I completely forgot to take any photos!!  It was however a brilliant night, one which I think everyone (especially Alan) enjoyed themselves!  Well done also to Lee for organising it!

Alan Huckle (left) with Peter Sowerbutts...I think the photo was a surprise!!!
What else, oh yes my uncle has finally acomplished his dream and is now a (VERY) proud owner of a narrowboat.  Anyone in the midlands watch out for him he is bound to be speeding round the county very soon.  (if its possible to speed in a narrow boat!?!?)  Cheap holidays for me I reckon!  Or as my Aunty suggested, naughty weekends, yeah right fat chance! ;-)

Reproduced from a c.1870s photographer frontis...Image via Wikipedia
Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim 
As I sit here writing this I am eagerly waiting for the script of A Christmas Carol to be delivered.  Forget panto this year, instead I'll be appearing in Portsmouth at the Groundlings Theatre all through December as Bob Cratchit and Marley's Ghost.  I have to admit after agreeing to do the job I was a little shocked to find out it was a musical....anyone that has heard my singing voice will probably also be shocked!! (that's a joke, apparently my voice is actually quite good....yeah right....more work need I reckon!!)  Anyway, press day tomorrow (4th!) so a 'short' train ride down to Portsmouth and back tomorrow is in-store....anyone who has done that trip will know it is anything but short....ho hummm....I'm sure it will be a fun day anyway, albeit a very early start!

I'm sure I have lots more to tell you as its been ages since the last blog, but, to be honest I cant remember what.... probably wasn't very interesting anyway...not that most of this is, but there you go! :-)  I will try to get some photos from tomorrow for the next blog...if I'm lucky!  And remember to take some!

Thanks for reading!

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Monday, 27 September 2010

Murder in the air....

Maddermarket Theatre, NorwcihImage via Wikipedia
The Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich

Well here we are, one week into the run of Meutre, Mystere et Mutilation.  Last week at lunch time myself and Peter Sowerbutts performed at lunchtimes at the Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich.  Next week we start the tour part of the run with the locations we are touring to are listed below.  Full details of the play can be found at

1st October, Red Lion, Debenham, 8pm
6th October, Community centre, Eye, 8pm
7th October, The Cut, Halesworth, 2pm
8th October, Fisher Theatre, Bungay, 8pm
9th October, Wingfield Barns Arts Centre, 8pm
15th / 16th October, Groundlings Theatre, Portsmouth, 8pm
23rd October, Community Centre, Shepshed, Leicestershire, 8pm

Its always a concerning time when you are putting on a brand spanking new play, especially when it is a comedy.  However, we have had some great feedback from the audience including:

"Wow, what an amazing play", "It's a brilliantly confident piece of writing", "So well done", "Just like the best farce scripts", "Brilliant and funny".

So if you fancy it, it would be great to see any of you at any of the remaining performances.

As part of the advertising for the show we finished a performance at the Maddermarket Theatre and had an extremely long drive to BBC Radio Suffolk.  While the interview was very short lived we did end up bumping into Michael Fenton-Stevens.  While I don't know him, Peter fact Peter is actually blamed (or praised) by Michael for him becoming an actor!  So in the end we spent the afternoon in the green room at the New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich having coffee with Michael.  He was an extremely good host and a very funny man.  Michael can currently be found playing Rev. Canon Chasuble in Oscar Wilde's 'The Importance Of Being Ernest' at the New Wolsey Theatre...make sure you check it out.

Tom Davey, Mark Edel-Hunt, Ishia Bennison, Esther Ruth Elliot, Michael Fenton Stevens and Nelly Harker in The Importance of Being Ernest
Well to be honest that is all I have been up to for the last few weeks.  The show has kind of taken over my life!  When this show is over normal service will resume!! :-)

Oh actually I almost forgot, a couple of weekends ago Headless Teddy Coffee provided coffee for the Martlesham Air Day.....the highlight (particularly for James Bond fans) was the presence of Little Nellie from You Only Live Twice along with the pilot from the film Ken Wallis.  Unfortunately I never got chance to get a photo with him or a signature so you will just have to be happy with photos of the actual machine I managed to get during the day.  I also found out during the day that not only did Ken pilot the aircraft he was the designer and actually built the machine too.  From what I hear variations of the design have been and still continue to be used by air forces around the world.  Well done Ken, what a flipping genius!!

I have attached a couple of articles that might be of interest to the bottom of the blog....let me know if you have any thoughts!  So until next time, thanks again for reading!

Hope to see you all soon.

David Blood

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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Another week....another blog!

Well here we are again, managed to find time to write another blog entry.... admittedly I could have written it earlier today instead of leaving till late...but due to an unforeseen hangover I was unable to look at a computer screen till now!!  Anyway all recovered...well almost, slightly fussy head but such is life.

I do have a good excuse for the hang over though, yesterday was Barnaby Matley and Anna Kaye's wedding day!  The ceremony was at the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Norwich with the reception at Dragon Hall.

The first dance....bless 'em!
Okay so I was wrong, it was still too early for me to be looking at a computer screen, as that was as far as I got before feeling very rough!  So where was I.....oh yes...the wedding.  Right well obviously it was a great day / night especially for Barny and Anna, bless does feel weird when one of your best friends gets married.  But then again, those two where pretty much getting married the day they met.  Bless them.  So here's to Mr & Mrs Matley, long may their marriage last and that they be very, very happy together....blimey that was deep for me!  Rather than getting them a present for the wedding myself and Peter, the Headless Teddy boys (does that sound wrong??) decided that we would provide coffee during the inevitable hour long photo session.  Actually it went down amazingly well, so if you are getting married soon, or know anyone that is, and fancy something to occupy your guests while the photos are being taken, why not ask us to provide coffee for you?!!?  (shameless plug I know!)

The bride and groom with Anna...actually there are two Annas in that photo, so Barny is having an Anna sandwich.......
So what else has happened over the last few weeks....  Around 2 days after my last blog entry myself and a friend, Claire (follow her blog here), decided to go to Ikea...the problem was it had to be after working in the office for a come 6.00pm (ish) we hit the road, got stuck in traffic, got there at around 9pm proceeded to run round the shop within the hour get everything we needed and head this would have been fine as we should have got back around midnight.  Little did we know half way up the M11 there was going to be a pile up 300m up the road from  So the usual emergency services came and went and eventually we got moving and got home around least i think it was then, it could have been be honest the time of the had become irrelevant..bed was the only priority.  You would think I would learn from these things, however, two days later after a long rehearsal I decided to build the flat 1am!!?!?!?  Obviously I have an aversion to sleep!  Oh well its all assembled now and hopefully I don't need to go back there again for a very long while!

There was also the now famous (I'm sure) house warming party of Peters...where much to his disapproval I decided (in my slightly intoxicated state) that everyone should watch Super Gran of which he was in as PC Norman....oh sudden thought...he's going to kill me again for mentioning it!  sorry know I cant help it.....anyway, people of my generation who remember it on TV absolutely love you should be pleased so...SHUT IT! :-)  Moving away from Supergran there was also a large Jenga set that kept everyone massively amused for the entire night....I do feel we should apologise to his neighbours though as I think the last of the hang ons left the house at around 4am.... (sorry couldn't find any pictures...but if you want to watch the credits...just for nostalgia then they are HERE.)

Sorry Tim....about all I can say about that! (The 39 Steps)

Moving on a week there was also Tim Speyer's BBQ in London, apart from having to drive it was a great afternoon / evening.  Tim can currently be found in 'The 39 Steps' at the Criterion Theatre in London.  For those of you who haven't seen it, I really would recommend it everyone, its one of the funniest plays I have ever seen.

The 39 Steps again...running on top of  a moving you do!
Other than the mass of rehearsals for Meutre, Mystere et Mutilation that's about it really for this probably exceeding long blog....if you made to the end, I congratulate you!  Thank you for reading!  By the way if you haven't booked your tickets for the show yet the details are all on the website

That's it then, this is me signing off....well actually going to sleep...but you know what I mean!  I hope it all makes sense?!  Then again, I doubt it!  Speak to you all soon.

David Blood

Twitter: @davidbloodactor
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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Don't panic, I'm still here.....

Blimey what a manic three weeks that was!!!  At least I think it was only three weeks....felt more like three months...I will have to go through my calender to even remember what I have been up to....three weeks (why do i keep writing three...3...that's better!) is a long while with a lack of sleep....

So where to begin....3 weeks ago I guess!  Well I have had rehearsals 3 nights a week for Meutre Mystere et Mutilation.  Two hander plays always sound like a good idea until the rehearsals start and you suddenly remember that you don't get chance to breathe when rehearsing, let alone once the performances start...not that I'm complaining you understand, I'm having a great time!  Make sure you check out the website and come along to one of the shows... it would be great to see you!

Well for those of you that follow me on twitter @davidbloodactor (if you don't feel free to follow me along with Philip Schofield and Keith Chegwin...yeah I know I couldn't believe it either..Keith Chegwin following me!!!!)....anyway, if you do follow me you will already know that the filming of The Smoker & Jo was postponed due to the dreadful weather on the day of the shoot.  Considering the script says, warm sunny summers day and Jo is wearing a summer dress we didn't have much choice!  We did consider filming it under the lean-too at the back of the building but under there is sounded like an army of drummers banging on your head.  We to console myself I decided it was about time I sorted out the lack of camera situation and my poor sound system in the house.  Off I popped to Curry's or Comet (other electrical outlets available!!) or whatever the shop is called and after a serious amount of bartering I managed to get a decent discount and free camera case....  So far I have remembered to take the camera with me once to a rehearsal and managed to get some photos from that which are now on the website ( and that's about it...i either forget to take it with me or as the case is now, leave it the car door of my friends car...genius!  Think I may well have to tie it to my belt!

Right what was next....apart from more rehearsals....oh yeah I had two days of filming with Danny Cotton of Dr Sarcastic Pictures for The Darksiders....well starting at 6am on the Saturday and then 5am on the Sunday was a bit of a killer.....especially as my very good friend Barnaby Matley's stag night was on the Saturday night.  Apologies to Barney as he has no knowledge of my presence as by the time I got there he was....erm...well completely blotto!  I have some rather embarrassing photos and videos of him I may well put on here if he upsets me!!! :-)  Oh and to top of the evening, another friend's, who was at the party, car decided to give up the ghost on the way being the kind person I am I agreed to drop him home after the stag do....mind you we did leave I eventually got home at around 12.30...hmmm 4 1/2 hours!!!  so as you can imagine after the second days filming...which finished around 10.30 at night (I think)....I got home and collapsed.....

Slips, Trips and of the biggest hazards in the workplace!
After was back to more rehearsals and line learning!  If anyone happens to know of any really easy way to learn lines please let me know....some kind of Matrix implant would be ideal!!  Well, that's it.... that's my life for the last 3 weeks....oh hang on, sorry, forgot one thing.  Last Thursday it was Kris Smith's birthday....he has survived long enough to make it to the grand old age of 21!!!  Having missed going to uni it was funny to join in with some drinking games.....ring of fire anyone?!?!?

Poor OLD Kris in the grey jacket!
(sorry I know not everyone is in it...I don't have any others.....unless you do?!?!?
Right well that's all for now...hopefully filming The Smoker & Jo this weekend if the weather is good....or even just dry would be nice!!!  And looks like I'll be heading out to the cinema to finally see Inception.....tres excitement!!!

See you all later!

David Blood

Twitter: @davidbloodactor

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Friday, 23 July 2010

Tired...but can't wait for the next festival....

I have no idea what this blog will read like....I'm lying on my bed writing this trying to stay awake....its been a busy week....

Thursday last week myself and Lottie travelled down to the Latitude Festival and we were there all the way until the Sunday.  Never having been to a festival before I had a great four least I think it was four felt more like one!!!  I doubt we even saw an 1/8th of what was on over the weekend there was so much to save this being a huge blog I will just mention a few highlights....strangely the best things were mostly the stuff we hadn't planned to start with Rox.  After a quick visit to the ever so lovely and fresh smelling toilets we wondered into the.....

The amazing Rox!

Okay, that was as far as I got on Thursday night writing this blog....the next thing i knew it was 5.00am and I was waking up fully dressed still on my bed...guess the trying to stay awake didn't work so well!!  So where was I...oh we wondered into see Rox in the Word Arena who I had never heard of and was blown away by her voice...everyone should check her out and buy the album (I've listened to it 4 times so far!).  Other highlights include Florence and the Machine, Tom Jones (yeah I know he only played his new stuff but it was great...even without Sex Bomb!), Rodrigo y Gabriela were also wouldnt think two people with two guitars could sound so good.

Apart from the music we saw a few shows in the theatre tent...above all the shows we saw the highlight by a long way was Les Enfants Terribles new show The Vaudevillains a genius musical murder mystery.  I think they are up at the Edinburgh Fringe this year so if you get chance check them out.  Unfortunately we couldnt get into see the RSC which was gutting.  Although I was able to see an interview with Sir Peter Hall.  What a legend.

Hopefully that didnt bore you too much!!  Anyway aftet all of Latitude I spent the next two days rehearsing for Meurtre, Mystère et Mutilation.  The Wednesday was spent filming again with Danny for Darksiders.  So as you can tell I have hardly had chance to breathe let alone sleep....not that I'm complaining, I love being busy...nothing worse than twiddling your thumbs doing nothing!

No this isn't an illution, its actually real and the image looked like that in real life...amazing what you can do with a wall of water and a projector!

Well tomorrow I'm off for a meeting about a new short film I have been asked to be in...more details to sounds very intereesting though....

Hope you all had a great week....drop me a line if you are bored!

David Blood

Twitter: @davidbloodactor

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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Back for second helpings....

Well that was one hot weekend.....great idea of ours to have the Headless Teddy 'uniforms' all in black.....hmmm maybe we should have a white version for summer and black for winter.....mind you I don't think we can afford to get the cart painted twice a year for what eventually ends up being two days of the good old British summer....

So while wearing a lovely black t-shirt, jeans, boots, and apron (I have finally stopped calling it a pinny!!) we set up for the 5th Barford Festival last Saturday. I guess the day can be described as a mixed bag...after managing to destroy the brolly we decided to sun bathe for the rest of the day and listen to the music... not much coffee sold that day! Mind you if I had the choice of coffee or beer at a music festival I know what I would choose!

On the Sunday it was the Norwich Lanes Carnival...another glorious day spent outside all in black...although luckily the buildings down the lanes provided shelter to keep the sun off us. Being what can only be described as fashionably pale, keeping the sun of me is always a good thing....unless I want to turn into a lobster!!??

Well after seeing Bentwater Roads by Eastern Angles the other week, I decided it was worth another visit...watching a show on an opening night and comparing it to one after it has settled in is always interesting. Not only that it's a good excuse to have another look at the amazing Hush House on the air base. Having second helpings of this play actually made me realise how much you actually miss the first time you watch a play, everything from subtle elements of the plot lines to sound effects. The actors themselves always take the characters on a journey as the run goes on with the characters growing with every performance.  It's great to see what was a god play to start with really tighten up to make it a must see! I would recommend anyone to see the show before it closes this Sunday.

I know I normally end up writing the blog at the weekend, however, tomorrow I am heading off for my holiday for this year... Latitude!!! Tom Jones here I come! So for the next four days I am going to be camping it up in deep dark Suffolk...I will hopefully be able to send some photos through Twitter as the weekend goes on so if you want to follow me I'm @davidbloodactor.  Both myself and my friend Lottie will be popping our festival cherries this weekend so we are both very excited....and skint!! If you are heading over there this weekend give me a would be rude not to meet for a beer!

Tom Jones at the House Of Blues, Anaheim, Cali...Image via Wikipedia

Don't forget to use the links at the bottom to forward this on to anyone who is bored enough to be interested...

See you around.

David Blood

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