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Monday, 27 September 2010

Murder in the air....

Maddermarket Theatre, NorwcihImage via Wikipedia
The Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich

Well here we are, one week into the run of Meutre, Mystere et Mutilation.  Last week at lunch time myself and Peter Sowerbutts performed at lunchtimes at the Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich.  Next week we start the tour part of the run with the locations we are touring to are listed below.  Full details of the play can be found at

1st October, Red Lion, Debenham, 8pm
6th October, Community centre, Eye, 8pm
7th October, The Cut, Halesworth, 2pm
8th October, Fisher Theatre, Bungay, 8pm
9th October, Wingfield Barns Arts Centre, 8pm
15th / 16th October, Groundlings Theatre, Portsmouth, 8pm
23rd October, Community Centre, Shepshed, Leicestershire, 8pm

Its always a concerning time when you are putting on a brand spanking new play, especially when it is a comedy.  However, we have had some great feedback from the audience including:

"Wow, what an amazing play", "It's a brilliantly confident piece of writing", "So well done", "Just like the best farce scripts", "Brilliant and funny".

So if you fancy it, it would be great to see any of you at any of the remaining performances.

As part of the advertising for the show we finished a performance at the Maddermarket Theatre and had an extremely long drive to BBC Radio Suffolk.  While the interview was very short lived we did end up bumping into Michael Fenton-Stevens.  While I don't know him, Peter fact Peter is actually blamed (or praised) by Michael for him becoming an actor!  So in the end we spent the afternoon in the green room at the New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich having coffee with Michael.  He was an extremely good host and a very funny man.  Michael can currently be found playing Rev. Canon Chasuble in Oscar Wilde's 'The Importance Of Being Ernest' at the New Wolsey Theatre...make sure you check it out.

Tom Davey, Mark Edel-Hunt, Ishia Bennison, Esther Ruth Elliot, Michael Fenton Stevens and Nelly Harker in The Importance of Being Ernest
Well to be honest that is all I have been up to for the last few weeks.  The show has kind of taken over my life!  When this show is over normal service will resume!! :-)

Oh actually I almost forgot, a couple of weekends ago Headless Teddy Coffee provided coffee for the Martlesham Air Day.....the highlight (particularly for James Bond fans) was the presence of Little Nellie from You Only Live Twice along with the pilot from the film Ken Wallis.  Unfortunately I never got chance to get a photo with him or a signature so you will just have to be happy with photos of the actual machine I managed to get during the day.  I also found out during the day that not only did Ken pilot the aircraft he was the designer and actually built the machine too.  From what I hear variations of the design have been and still continue to be used by air forces around the world.  Well done Ken, what a flipping genius!!

I have attached a couple of articles that might be of interest to the bottom of the blog....let me know if you have any thoughts!  So until next time, thanks again for reading!

Hope to see you all soon.

David Blood

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